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50th Anniversary

We are blessed to have been in business for 50 years. In 1967, Joe & Eunice Dudley had a desire to change the world and to build Black businesses by selling hair care products & cosmetics. Thank you for supporting the Dudley brand and cementing us in history. Today, Ursula Dudley Oglesby, the 2nd generation, leads the Dudley brand into the future. We look forward to many more years of prosperity.

Hair Images Style Magazine is a blend of Dudley’s Partnership with the Professional and the savvy retail consumer who wants to be simultaneously educated and engaged. This 68-page publication commemorates our 50th anniversary while propelling us into the future.  Click to see a preview

Dudley’s 50th Commemorative Edition: A Visual Journey hardcover book & DVD set celebrates 50 years worth of memories, insights, and the most pivotal moments. Decade by decade, from the company’s 1967 debut to today, the book is both a chronicle of evolving Black culture, beauty, and business.  Click to see a preview

Why we sell to Beauty Salons & Barbershops